Date Yourself

Date Yourself is by women, for women and about women. It is a revolution in how women claim space for themselves and is working to destroy the patriarchy one empowered woman at a time.

Dating yourself is about taking all the time, energy, effort, money, mental space, emotional labour, love and desire that we as women have been taught for millennia to give away and instead learning to direct all that power inside. Imagine if everything you wanted from your lovers, friends and family members you could learn how to give to yourself instead.

Imagine getting to know yourself intimately and allowing yourself to feel whole, complete and happy.

Imagine making peace with your past and learning how to manifest your future. Imagine knowing what it is you truly want instead of just going along with what it is you’ve been told you should want.

Imagine being able to hear yourself clearly and speak your truth powerfully.

All of this is possible. And the path to it runs through you. It's time to stop dating everybody else and start Dating Yourself.


The process of Dating Yourself is transformational, magical, emotional, challenging and sometimes uncomfortable but it is never, ever boring. It draws on the sacred knowledge of the wise women who have come before us in the fields of energy work, yoga, meditation and sacred plant medicine. It's a process that teaches you all the tools and techniques you need in to completely reclaim your relationship with yourself. It is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self.


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"I wanted to thank you for your teachings with all of my heart. Working with you has brought me so much joy, so much insight, so much passion and has taught me to stop whipping myself and start loving myself. I hope to work with you again. "

Katherina E.