Date Yourself

"I had a job interview yesterday - I was so nervous I almost didn't go! Then I used the tools you'd taught me and  imagined you (along with 5 other helpful people, characters and spirit guides you've connected me with) coming along and supporting me. I got the job!!! ! It's the first one I applied for and the dream job that I've wanted for so long but never found the time or energy to prioritize because I was running around doing things I thought I was supposed to or that other people told me I should do. I'm also in a relationship for the first time after six years and I am surrounded be so many amazing people I feel deeply connected with. All of this is possible because finally I truly connected to myself, and you helped me so so so so so much to do so! You did so so so so so much for me! This is MY LIFE now ! More than it ever was before.....I am getting shivers writing these lines... Thank you!


| Liz A. |


Kirileigh is a transformational mentor and life guide. She is a fierce and compassionate force for women's empowerment who has been working with women for over 10 years to support them as they heal, change and grow. She is an intuitive and natural holder of space who discovered her own gift for healing at age 22 when she healed herself of her eating disorder. Since then she has travelled the world and emersed herself in spiritual practice seeking out teachers in the fields of energy work, movement, meditation, yoga, art and philosophy.

In 2014, Kirileigh became burnt out due to constantly supporting others while not taking proper care of herself. She also became aware that she was repeating negative patterns in her relationships with both friends and lovers but she didn’t know why. She knew that the only path out of this darkness was through herself and so made the decision to  stop dating other people and to date herself instead. As a result of this internal realignment her entire life was completely transformed in the most wonderful and profound ways. She is now passionate about teaching other women how to walk this path and create the lives they've always wanted.  


"I wanted to thank you for the amazing work we did together. It has been so incredibly helpful in my slow and painful healing process. It really offered a space in my life to actively grieve in a safe and loving environment, and I leaned something that I never thought would be so important: self love.

I remembered you shared the story of you lighting candles for your grandmothers everywhere you went, so when I was doing the 'Eat, Pray, Love' thing this summer in Bali I lit a candle for you in every temple, mosque, and church I visited as a way of thanking you"

/  Olly A.  /