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Group work

This is a collaborative process, where you join together with a collective of women to support each other on the journey of self discovery. Featuring small class sizes, each process is tailored around the individual and collective needs of the group and is hosted on-line so women from all over the world can participate. It's a 12 week process that includes weekly teleclasses, personal assignments, study notes, ongoing support, adventures, challenges and a heavy sprinkling of magic. This is a powerful and transformational program that gives you all the tools, techniques and support you need to go inside and confidently do the work you need to do. It teaches you to remove the obstacles that are blocking you from hearing yourself clearly and treating yourself lovingly.

The next process will begin in mid March and registration is now open. For more information, or to register, email


"Thank you so much for sharing your insights, thoughts, teachings, experiences, vulnerabilities, and work with us. It was a very special process for me and I enjoyed it so much. And I am indeed feeling really stable, grounded and at the same time open and ready to love – and I blame you to a considerable extent for that ;) So thank you."

/  Verena N.  /


Individual capsule

This is a one-on-one, short term process, designed to support you through a particular challenge/opportunity. Comprising of 3 - 7, bespoke, individual sessions  it will meet you where you're at and get you to where you need to go. This process gives you all the tools and techniques you need to keep supporting yourself even after your capsule has been completed. Featuring one-on-one sessions, personal assignments, study notes, support and guidance it's perfect for women who are looking to work deeply on a specific issue.

This process is can be used to work through any issues you're currently facing. Past clients have used it to deal with: overcoming love addiction, dealing with loss, building a loving relationship with their body, coping with illness, accepting change, experiencing grief, navigating relationship transitions (marriage/divorce/motherhood), making peace with their past, ending negative thought patterns, learning to recieve, confidence issues and learning to speak their truth confidently. What are you working though at the moment?

To register for a free 60 minute discovery session, or for more information email:



"Thank you so much! Working with you has given me a way to reflect on all the parts of myself - the bits that I like and the bits that I don't like, and to understand how I've become who I am. It's also been a great way to think about my relationships and to start to either recreate them or end them. You helped me find my way again. You are a wonderful and authentic teacher! We need more from you. Thank you!!!"

/  Pauline L.  /


Individual intensive

The game changer. The life rearranger. The mother lode. This is a transformational, one-on-one process where we go DEEP to sort your shit out, flip it and reverse it. Commit to yourself for three months and see how powerfully you can realign your entire life. This program is tailored to perfectly suite you and to give you the time, tools, techniques and support you need to do the work you need to do.  It's a powerful journey of releasing the past, ending negative patterns, aligning yourself with your desires and manifesting your future. This intensive and life changing program features weekly one-on-one sessions, life assignments, study notes and constant ongoing support as well as all the transformational magic you can handle. It’s BIG, beautiful and ecstatic. Just like you.

Are you ready to commit to yourself? Are you ready to invest in yourself? Are you ready to build a brand new life for yourself? Then it's time to start dating yourself. Finally. Lets talk:


"Thank you so much for being my teacher - I'm really glad I found you! The work we've done together has been powerful, amazing special and difficult. I've learned so much from you and I'm really happy and grateful about it. So, thank you! I think you are incredibly amazing!!"


| Sarah L. |